​​S.A.V.E. is a research, consulting, and training company in Health Economics, Pharmacoeconomics, and Outcomes Research, founded in 1994 in Milan. It serves as the first meeting point between theoretical knowledge, academic models, and business experience in Italy. It provides various support tools tailored to the decision-making processes of institutions, companies, and professionals in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors who aim to achieve a more effective use of resources.

​The S.A.V.E. Research Center is a founding member, along with the University of Pavia, of CEFAT (Center for Drug Economics and Evaluation and Health Technology), which conducts research activities in the field of Real World Data (RWD) and Real World Evidence (RWE) and their applications to the pharmaceutical market, medical devices, and life sciences in general.

S.A.V.E. is part of the LSE Life Science Economics group, which emerged from the collaboration of two research groups, CREMS and SAVE Studi, with twenty years of excellence in the following areas of expertise: Consulting & Execution Strategies, Market & Patient Access, Health Technology Assessment (HTA), Health Economics & Outcomes Research, HealthCare Management & Health Policy, Real World Evidence Analysis. The goal of the LSE network, consisting of over 50 collaborators including professors, researchers, and consultants, is to provide tools that define, measure, and communicate the clinical and economic value of a drug, a medical device, and a diagnostic therapeutic pathway in the current rapidly evolving healthcare context.

The official journal of S.A.V.E. is ClinicoEconomics - Italian Articles on Outcomes Research Journal. S.A.V.E. exclusively provides reprints and any customizations of the published works.


​ S.A.V.E. carries out its activities in the field of pharmacoeconomics, outcomes research, and health technology assessment (HTA), providing tools to define, measure, and communicate the economic evidence of a product (drug and medical device) or a therapeutic pathway. In this perspective, academic research and consulting strategies work synergistically to provide a comprehensive and functional framework to meet the needs of clients.

​Clinico Economics

​Italian Articles on Outcomes Research

​The official journal of S.A.V.E. provides exclusive reprints and potential customization of published works.

Clinico Economics is a peer-reviewed journal focused on pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research, examining the economic and healthcare policy implications of medical devices and pharmacological strategies.

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​​S.A.V.E. Corporate Social Responsability

​ S.A.V.E. aims to contribute to the development of a healthcare system based on principles of equity, social responsibility, and sustainability. To achieve this goal, S.A.V.E. is a founding member of the EQUA Foundation.

​Giorgio L. Colombo

​Scientific Director & Founder

​Sergio Di Matteo

​Senior Statistician Manager & Associate

​Giacomo M. Bruno

​Senior Project and Research Lead & Associate

​M. Chiara Valentino

​Senior HEOR Analyst

​Mauro Caruggi

​Senior HEOR Analyst Manager

Chiara Martinotti

​Senior HEOR Analyst

Martino Recchia

Statistician Consultant

Rosalba Frascella

​Executive Assistant

Emidio Paniccia

​Customer Experience & Business Development Manager

​Roberta Di Massa

​Junior HEOR Analyst

Marco Garancini

​Junior HEOR Analyst


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